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Search on dreebz for the skill you need

More than just a directory, here you have access to a public directory with data collected from various search engines. Additionally, using the search module, you can choose the expert you need by selecting the country and the contact language. Once selected, you can view the offers displayed and connect with the expert of your choice.



Select the slot that suits you best

In addition to accessing basic contact information, users can also view registered experts on the platform and book online consultations directly with the expert of their choice. Every expert shares their availability and offers available time slots for a video conference. You can choose the time that suits you best to have a conversation with the selected expert.



Explain the problem in a few lines

In order to give you the best advice, it is important to explain in a few lines what you expect from the consultation. Tell your expert about the problem you wish to solve.



Send the meeting request to your expert

Once the payment is made, the expert receives your request and the description of your problem. Based on their ability to answer it, they will choose whether or not to validate the consultation. Don't worry if your request isn’t validated: you will be reimbursed and you can choose another expert.



You will receive the expert's feedback and the link to dreebzmeet

Once your request has been validated, you will receive a link todreebzmeet for the remote consultation. A few minutes beforeyour appointment, you will be able to join the video conference platform in order to talk with your expert.

Mobile App

Dreebz is also available on IOS and Android

You can use the Dreebz App and take your video call to the next level.