We serve as the crucial bridge connecting AI, your expertise, and our valued members.
We are currently in Beta and actively working on enhancing our solution by integrating a robust artificial intelligence tool to augment the expertise of our human experts. This new feature enables our users to experience faster and more accurate consultations, while ensuring that all answers provided undergo double-checking by our team of human experts.

Are you an expert?
Make your expertise accessible and put your advice to good use.

Through our global directory organise your schedule online and generate income from remote support for your current clients or new prospects all over the world for € 20 per month.

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We connect you with the expertise you need, everywhere!

Our search tool based on several criteria will allow you to connect with the expert you need and schedule video calls when your expert share their availabilities on Dreebz.

Video calls by Zoom, your secure link to your expert

Slot booked and invitation accepted? Click on your meeting’s secure link to talk with your expert. The video call tool, developed by Zoom, is reliable, secure and easy to use for all.

Are you an expert ?

We serve as the crucial bridge connecting AI, your expertise, and our valued members.

We believe that sharing knowlegde should be at the center of concerns. No matter where people are, technology must help break down barriers to networking and facilitate exchanges.

This is what we have done with Dreebz, which is a global directory of experts made up of more than 250,000 experts in more than 25 countries. They can easily share their availability for consultations through Zoom which is directly integrated into the App available on web, iOS and Android. Building bridges through technology to allow everyone to have access to experts is our primary objective.


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Dreebz is a global directory of experts WorldWide

Whether you have questions about legal matters, tax implications, or data privacy regulations, our experts are here to assist you. We strive to combine the advantages of AI technology with the invaluable insights of human expertise. Our goal is to ensure that you make informed decisions with peace of mind.

How AI works with Dreebz

Start with AI, consult with an online expert, then let Dreebz handle your request!

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How does Dreebz work?


How to get my personal space on Dreebz?

Our global directory is free for all experts. To share your availabilities online you have to register on Dreebz. The annual subscription to our services is 240€.

How do I make my availability visible and how do I receive requests?

What happens once I validate the request and can I decline a request?

How long does a consultation last and how does it work?


Why use Dreebz and how do I find an expert to help me?

What expertise is available and what languages are spoken by the experts?

How much does an online consultation with an expert cost and what happens after I submit my request?

How long does a consultation last and how is it conducted?

Mobile App

Dreebz is also available on IOS and Android

You can use the Dreebz App and take your video call to the next level.